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Lucy Choi talks Stilettoes, Soles & Styles

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Lucy Choi at her store in Connaught Village, London

Lucy Choi at her store in Connaught Village, London

When your uncle is the famous couture shoe designer extraordinaire Jimmy Choo OBE and your sister Sandra Choi is the Creative Director of Jimmy Choo PLC, it is inevitable that shoe designing is hard wired in your DNA. Lucy Choi grew up observing first hand how hand-made shoes were made in her uncle Jimmy Choo’s workshop where her sister Sandra started her apprenticeship. Sandra went on to carve a very successful career for herself at Jimmy Choo PLC, a high end luxury brand for ready-to-wear shoes bearing the name of Jimmy Choo but is no longer connected to Jimmy Choo himself. It is time for Lucy Choi to emerge from the chrysalis of her long-awaited desire to launch herself in the shoe industry in her own right.


Lucy Choi with Jimmy Choo OBE in front of Lucy Choi’s store in Connaught Village, London.

Lucy Choi with Jimmy Choo OBE in front of Lucy Choi’s store in Connaught Village, London.



Lucy Choi’s Ready-To-Wear And Ready-To-Rock

Lucy is not one to rush into the shoe industry just because of her family connection. Here is a shrewd lady who is business-savvy and plans a long-term strategy. She took up business studies in university, worked as an accountant in the corporate world in the City of London for eight years. Her foot through the door of the shoe industry, no pun intended, was a ten-year tenure as Managing Director at French Sole, the renowned company that specialised in fashionable ballet flats and pumps. She was responsible for the global business expansion of the company into Asia, Middle East and into the American market and quintupled the company size. More importantly, she played a major part in the design and product development that came in handy later in her new enterprise.


Lucy Choi with her collection of fabulous shoes

Lucy Choi with her collection of fabulous shoes


In that time she had sharpened her business acumen, honed in her skill as an entrepreneur in the shoe industry and accumulated invaluable contacts within the relevant media.  The Lucy Choi London brand is ready to go and with the click of her heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she is transported to the land of stilettos, soles and style universe. She launched her brand in the UK in April 2012 and internationally in the latter half of the same year.


Lucy Choi – The Style Guru

What strikes me on meeting Lucy Choi is her poise and sense of style. This lady could really rocks up elegance! She has the perfect image for the glitzy world of high fashion and in this case the luxury shoe industry. She is certainly not just a pretty face but also a visionary in the footwear market.


Lucy Choi store at Connaught Village, London.

Lucy Choi store at Connaught Village, London.


She enthuses, “I spot a gap in the market for luxury designer footwear. They are either very expensive designer labels that only the very rich can afford or the much cheaper high street shoes but there are very few luxurious affordable shoes in between. I want to create a luxury brand of affordable, chic and comfortable shoes with a wow factor that is within the budget of the modern sophisticated women of all ages and for all occasions.”  It is not often that we can hear the word “luxury” with “affordable” .  As an avid shoe collector, it is music to my ears!


Lucy Choi’s Rock ‘n’ Royal Collection

The unique philosophy of the Lucy Choi collection is the three Cs -“comfort, craftsmanship and character”. She understands the nuances of women’s desirability in footwear. The emphasis is on “wearable classic with a twist based around a silhouette of a timeless pointed high heel, which comes in array of colour combinations, heel heights and toe shapes.”


Lucy Choi - Welcome to the world of Lucy Choi London at Connaught Village, London.

Welcome to the world of Lucy Choi London at Connaught Village, London.


Premiered as “Rock ‘n’ Royal” collection, there are shoes for all occasions from red carpet glamour, holidays, weddings, day wear to party attire all beautifully crafted from luxurious faux snake and crocodile skins, soft suede, hand dyed silks, satins, sumptuous leather and vintage lace. Customers can rest assured that the production is carefully sourced from trusted suppliers in Italy, Spain and China and crafted by women who know the requirement for a perfect fit. All the shoes have extra cushioning on the inner sole for a luxurious comfort that can endure an all day wear.


In The Footsteps of Jimmy Choo OBE

Following in her uncle Jimmy Choo’s footsteps, Lucy has not only launched the next generation of luxury footwear but has opened a stand alone boutique at Connaught Village in central London in the same premise once occupied by her uncle Jimmy before he relocated to Kuala Lumpur on his new venture. Connaught Village is a genteel corner of London within a short walking distance to Hyde Park and the bustling shopping hub of Oxford Street. I have frequented this shop on many occasions when Jimmy Choo, a personal friend, was trading as Jimmy Choo Couture. It is quite nostalgic walking into the store again and I am impressed with the complete makeover of the place. It is now transformed into an intimate bijou shoe paradise with a visual feast of fabulous footwear in different styles and colour from vertiginous heels to kitten heels and flats all aesthetically displayed on shelves. There are gorgeous boots in different finish and design. In fact there are designs to suit every age group from classic elegant court shoes for the more matured conservative ladies to bold statement shoes for the younger trendy clientele. Whatever age group category, the shoes all bear the Lucy Choi unique trademark of eye-candy finish with a touch of quirkiness and fun.


Lucy Choi - The Ready-To-Rock Lucy Choi Collection

The Ready-To-Rock Lucy Choi Collection


The boutique is a symphony in ash with a hint of grey embellished with five vintage mirrors that brighten up the room and give the illusion of space. It proffers subtle opulence and exudes a calm ambience where customers can browse and enjoy a personal service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Lucy has put her own stamp on the décor creating a luxurious dream boudoir without being ostentatious.


Her collections are retailed through a large network of stockists including Net-A-Porter, Harvey Nichols nationwide and worldwide, Fenwick of Bond Street, Wolf and Badger of Dover Street among other outlets in UK and internationally. It is also available online on www.lucychoilondon.com Her shoes are worn by celebrities, pop stars and well known personalities….and me. I love my Lucy Choi two-tone ankle boots of pony hair and faux snakeskin that has attracted compliments from many friends who are planning to hotfoot to the boutique.


Lucy Choi Collection speaks glamour and elegance

Lucy Choi Collection speaks glamour and elegance


Jimmy Choo has been a great inspiration to Lucy and she takes her cue from her uncle’s strong life and work ethic and passion, which continue to motivate her in her quest to carry on the family legacy of luxury footwear craftsmanship.  Think fabulous shoes think Lucy Choi London. Go get them!


Lucy Choi London is at 18 Connaught Street, London W2 2AF  www.lucychoilondon.com



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    What a great story about Uncle and Niece…maybe one day Lucy Choi will be listed on the London Stock Exchange – that was an investment that I missed, although my wife suggested to buy Jimmy Choo shares. What an inspiration, I love to read about successful entrepreneurs and it looks like Lucy is certainly that.

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