Helen Oon is the author of this luxury travel blog and started life as a travel consultant and worked in the travel industry before becoming a travel writer in 1994. She has travelled extensively worldwide both for work and pleasure and shares her experiences and adventures through her published stories.

Helen has authored six travel guidebooks for New Holland Publishers’ Globetrotter Guide series on Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and as well as this luxury travel blog, has written for many print and digital publications. Now in her mid sixties, she is flying the flag for the baby boomers to rejuvenate their joy of living through travelling and meeting people.

With older people living longer and healthier lives and time to spare, this is the dawning of the Golden Years travellers…. and travelling keeps you young at heart and energies your memory. After all, 60 is now the new 40! This Luxury Travel Blog is to help you with ideas and information on your next journey or adventure.



Adventure stories in far and near places, packed with Helen’s humour and human-interest, plus reviews of hotels and resorts.


Helen describes her varied culinary experiences in the different restaurants of the world. Things will never taste the same again.


Interviews with fascinating people with a great story to tell - well-known chefs, fashion designers, musicians and more.