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Travel Bloggers

Popular travel blog with YouTube videos by seasoned traveller and globe trotter Sam.

Travel blog by Audrey, who shares her adventures in the hopes of inspiring you to travel.

Inspiring travel-related videos and photos, travel news, plus travel deals and competitions.

Free resource on starting and maintaining a travel blog. Run by James, who runs a travel business and blog.

Backpackers’ travel blog with lots of useful tips on various aspects of backpacking around the world.

Useful advice, photos and videos on all aspects of travelling, anywhere in the world.

25 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Traveling from the blog: Well-BeingSecrets.com 

When the word “travel” is mentioned, images of distant iconic places come to mind together with the feelings of the pleasure when visiting these new places. This well-researched article puts a different perspective  – the 25 health benefits of travelling. It all gives us another excuse or reason to plan for the next trip!


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